FREDDY JAY is a Parisian DJ and producer who first got excited by listening to soul, funk and hip hop music. But instead of focusing on this particular culture, being curious, he opened himself to music in general, in every style, as long as it’s good music. Year after year, he forged his reputation as an energetic DJ with an impeccable technique and an eclectic selection with quality. His skills and his personality led him to be on stage with confirmed artists like C2C,  JAZZY JEFF, KAVINSKY, BOB SINCLAR, KENNY DOPE GONZALEZ, BIRDY NAM NAM, CASSIUS, YUKSEK, BRODINSKY, APL DE AP (BLACK EYED PEAS)… .He was chosen as a DJ for the STEVIE WONDER after show at the Comedy Club in September 2008 and he opened for LADY GAGA at the ALHAMBRA in July 2009.

Axe Boat Party

During the opening act for the soul jazz diva MARLENA SHAW at the legendary venue, New Morning, he gave a show with Davyd Johnson who is SCREAMING JAY HAWKINS’ former saxophonist, a band from Chicago. The promoters of the festival “Bol de Dunk” from Marseille noticed him and invited him to be part of their programming at the Docks des Sud. He shared the stage with ANTONY JOSEPH and the British band THE HERBALISER.

Instead of choosing an another comedian to open his stand up show “Levez-vous”, FABRICE EBOUE asked FREDDY JAY to play a DJ set at the Bataclan in October 2014 and then at the Trianon in April 2015. In June 2015, during the closing night at the festival LE MARRAKECH DU RIRE, Freddy Jay performed at the terrace of the club SO LOUNGE and everybody was talking about him. Since then, he is the exclusive DJ for the private parties that take place during the festival where he makes all the stars and the VIP invited by Jamel Debbouze, dance.

FREDDY JAY is not only appreciate for his personal touch to thrill people on the dance floor, he is also seen as a real musician behind his turntables. The French soul man BEN L’ONCLE SOUL did not make a mistake when he took him among his team of talented musicians, during his new tour in France and Europe as well as The United States and Canada.


While Freddy Jay made a name for himself as a major DJ on the Parisian night scene, he became a resident DJ as well for essential parties like : “IN FUNK WE TRUST” for 5 years at La SCÈNE BASTILLE (now known as BADABOUM), « CAR WASH » for 4 years at WAGG or the “FUNKY DEUS” at LA FAVELA CHIC. Page Youtube Freddy Jay . Once a month, he also organized his own parties « LET’S START TO DANCE » that took place at The Jamel Comedy Club for an entire season. Those parties now take place in a bigger venue, the BIZZ’ART and just celebrated their 4th anniversary. Freddy Jay also performs regularly at the MAMA SHELTER parties in Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux as well as the F&K in Lyon.  Youtube/ Poupée du son by Freddy Jay



Freddy Jay’s journey is also linked to board and extreme sports. He was at the “Tony Hawk Show”, an amazing show organized at the GRAND PALAIS to honor skateboard Legend TONY HAWK. Then he was present at the X-Games in Tignes, at the Mondial du Vent (Air Games) in Leucate, at the Sosh Freestyle Cup in Marseille and other events like MIX’N FLY, REELS or ITF. Video Freddy Jay FISE Montpellier

REEF, also known for the pageant Miss REEF, chose him to be one of the main protagonists at their events. Freddy Jay and his musicians, “THE HEATSHKOK ALL STARS” performed at Miss REEF shows in Munich, Madrid, Cascais (Portugal), Agadir (Morocco), Zurich etc… Vidéo Freddy Jay FISE Besançon


Heatshkok Live
have a DJ set composed of a percussionist, a trumpet player, a saxophonist, a flutist and an MC. Adding to his original repertoire, having musicians on stage allows Freddy Jay to go further when he mixes the classics of house, funk, hip hop and even some rock music, live.  Vidéo Freddy Jay & Heatshkok All Stars
In Paris, Freddy Jay & The Heatshkok All Stars performed at the ELYSEE MONTMARTRE, the NEW MORNING, the COMEDY CLUB and the PALAIS DE TOKYO, not to forget their monthly residency that lasted 3 years at the OPUS CAFÉ (now known as BIZZ’ART).


Freddy Studio
In 2003, Freddy Jay released a solo album “THE HEATSHKOK PROJECT”, a surprising project between trip hop, hip hop, broken beat, pop, jazz and electro. Guitar, bass, keyboard, turntables and even singing, he did everything by himself, showing all his talents.  Soundcloud Freddy Jay
« Thanks to RADIO NOVA, the song “I WANNA DANCE”, that he sings, went viral in some very trendy places in Paris. That opened the door for him to perform at the famous Nuits Zébrées in Paris and in the Chabada in Angers where Freddy Jay kept making an impact on people’s minds.


His talents as a DJ and producer are requested by G’s Way, a soul jazz artist on the album “Seventy Seven”. He produced 2 remixes for them, released in 2013: « Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis » and « Dirt Road ». He recently produced a remix of the track Dance with me for the hip hop and soul artist ISMA HILL, exclusively for the Japanese market on his album “The Line” Soundcloud Isma HILL Remix
More than a DJ, more than a musician, Freddy Jay sees himself as an artist at his core. That explain his numerous collaborations with the 9th CONCEPT, a group of painters, graphic designers and street artists in France. They worked together on a lot of projects like the “COOK MY RECORD” parties, an original concept where Freddy Jay is challenged to mix vinyls chosen by the audience. After the performance, the artists customize the record, transform it in an artwork, and then give it to a member in the audience.
Freddy Jay conceived the entire soundtrack for the documentary “TRAJECTOIRES” directed by Ghislain De Vaulx and Guillaume Hassan, the group being the main subject of the movie.


kavyar life 2
Today, Freddy Jay is working on a new Hip Hop Electro project named KAVYAR LIFE.
For this new chapter, he is collaborating with the rapper ENRICQUE D’SHAWN, from Miami and before the EP is released sometime in 2016, they already proposed a few stuff from Kavyar Life during some showcases for events like DESPERADOS WILD CLUB at CITÉ DU CINÉMA and La TOUR PLEYEL

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  1. Un Artiste complet, fort, plein de culture et avec un Supplement d’Ame. Formidable.

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